Involve pupils of different ages and make them cooperate!

Publication date: December 30, 2019

By Katarina, Code Week Teacher in Croatia

Our teachers Katarina and Ivana designed different activities in which students from 5th to 8th grade participated during Information Technology and Design and Technology classes. 5th and 6th-grade students programmed micro:bit, creating interesting programs, and 8th-grade students created animations by an interesting tool called Alice. Students from Sarvaš district school, along with their teacher Mirjana, programmed without computers, participating in various “unplugged” activities.



This year, we also included 1st to 4th-grade students. 4th-grade students visited 7th grade students during Information Technology classes. Together, they programmed an educational story in
Scratch. In addition to programming in Scratch, third-grade students also programmed mBots with the help of both teacher and students attending
an extracurricular activity in Robotics.

Looking forward to Code Week 2020!