Join EU Code Week in celebrating Computer Science Education Week

Publication date: December 4, 2023

During the week of 4-10 December 2023, we will be celebrating an event that resonates deeply with the very core of the EU Code Week mission – the Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek). This annual call to action, designed to inspire K-12 students to explore the world of computer science, has a profound impact on our global community, shaping the future of education and technology.  

Furthermore, this year, CSEdWeek has adopted a theme that echoes the sentiment of our rapidly evolving digital landscape: “Impacts of Computing.” This theme delves into the positive and negative effects that computer science has on various aspects of our lives, ranging from education and privacy to security and accessibility. Thus, it challenges us to broaden our perspective on computer science, emphasising that it’s not just about coding but also about understanding the ethical, social, economic, and environmental implications of this powerful discipline. 

Plus, at EU Code Week, we believe in a holistic approach to computer science education, and this theme resonates with our commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of the field. As educators, students, and enthusiasts, it is our responsibility to recognise and appreciate the multifaceted impacts of computing. 

Hour of Code: A Global Movement 

And, within Computer Science Education Week lies another remarkable initiative, the Hour of Code. Originating from the belief that every student should have the opportunity to learn computer science, the Hour of Code has become a global movement, engaging millions of people in over 180 countries. This accessible and empowering activity is an excellent starting point for beginners and a source of inspiration for those already immersed in the world of coding. 

The EU Code Week team and our vibrant community actively participated in the “Webinar on Hour of Code 4U rerun 2023,” organised by E-Twinning. Moreover, the insightful discussions and shared experiences during this webinar reaffirm our commitment to making coding accessible to all. 

Get involved! 

As we celebrate Computer Science Education Week, we invite each member of the EU Code Week community to join us in embracing the theme of “Impacts of Computing.” Share your activities on the EU Code Week Map and show us how you are contributing to the transformative power of computer science education. 

Let’s make this Computer Science Education Week a truly global celebration of learning, collaboration, and the positive impacts of computing. Together, we can shape a future where everyone has the opportunity to not only code but also understand the profound effects of their contributions to the digital world. 

Happy Coding!