Launching ‘the CodeWeek4all challenge’ by Alessandro Bogliolo

Publication date: September 5, 2015

Coding is for all, not just for programmers. It’s a matter of creativity, of computational thinking skills, of self empowerment. Creative coding has to be introduced in the classroom to bridge diversity gaps and make the difference.



Europe Code Week is launching the “CodeWeek4all challenge” to contribute to increase the penetration of coding in schools.

Schools are invited to register online for free to get a unique code to be added to the description of all Code Week events ( organized in the school between October 10 and October 18 2015.

The challenge consists in getting involved as many students/pupils as possible during Europe Code Week 2015. The unique code associated with the school will allow Code Week organizers to sum up all the participants to the events organized in the same school and to compare the sum with the total number of students declared in the application form.

Schools achieving a participation rate greater or equal than 50% will be awarded a personalized “Certificate of Excellence in Coding Literacy” and will be announced in the Europe Code Week website.

Apply now, share the unique code with all the teachers in your school, and ask them to provide a coding experience in their classrooms during codeweek. Each coding opportunity is worth being added to the map of CodeWeek events with the code of the school.

If you need help, contact your local CodeWeek ambassador.

Application form available at: