Learning about various regions in the world through coding

Publication date: December 23, 2019

By Ivana, Code Week Teacher in Croatia

For the first participation of our Primary School Dora Pejacevic Nasice to EU Code Week, the English teacher Alenka and 90 students prepared activities in which they combined different subjects.

They created texts about Australia by means of Text Compression. They also revised the English language using Scratch unplugged materials.



In collaboration with students from other parts of Croatia as well as from Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania and other European countries they created interesting digital animated cards in Scratch.

It was really inspiring to see the students using various sound and visual effects. By sharing their cards students were able to learn a lot about different countries, their geographical position, their
history, national cuisine and tourist attractions.



We will definitely participate in the future Code Week events and we will expand our knowledge in our classes.