Love for programming gets distributed during The Code Week

Publication date: October 13, 2015

Europe Code Week is a grassroots initiative that aims to enable programming and digital competence for everyone in a fun and engaging way. Over roughly a weeklong period a variety of events on the theme of programming are organized.



We live in an ever-changing world of rapid advances in technology. The way we currently work, communicate, shop and thinking have changed dramatically. In order to address these rapid changes and to understand the world around us, we must not only develop our understanding of how the technology works, but also how to develop skills and abilities that will help us adapt to living in this new era.

– Programming is becoming increasingly important both for understanding the digital world and to take control of the computer. That is why this initiative is so important, to generate interest in learning more about programming!, says Fredrik Heintz, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science at Linköping University.

– Software is also becoming increasingly important in the development of our society. In the planning of the EU Code Week In Linköping, a collaborative effort with Linköping University and Linköping city, we have tried to get into activities that attract a wide variety of groups in order to get a good spread of our message, says Lena Miranda, CEO of Mjärdevi Science Park.

Code Week in Linköping is the part of Europe Code Week, and is a joint initiative between the municipality of Linköping, Mjärdevi Science Park and the Department of Computer Science at Linköping University.

Please feel welcome to join us in our various activities to highlight the importance of programming. Read more on


Data Logical thinking in elementary school
Department of Computer Science, Linköping University
6 and 8 October kl.15-17
A workshop for professional pedagogues. The program presents simple activities to get started with computerized and data logical thinking in education.

Programming SM
Department of Computer Science, Linköping University
October 10 kl.11-16
The Swedish championship in programming is a team competition open for everyone. A team consists of 1-3 people and a computer (provided by us). Solve as many tasks as possible of algorithmic character in 5 hours using C, C ++, Java, or Python.

Elephant Carpaccio – agile estimation and development into practice!
CreActive, Mjärdevi Teknikringen 7
12 October 11-13
This hands-on programming and agile planning workshop is fun, easy to get in to, and really, really useful. We highly recommend you to take the chance to participate. You will gain knowledge in how you as a programmer can think when you breakdown work, and you get to do hands-on coding.

Data Logical thinking for all
CreActive, Mjärdevi Teknikringen 7
October 12 18:30 to 20:00
The Computer Society in collaboration with the Teacher Association Delta arrange a meeting and has invited Associate Professor Fredrik Heintz to speak on the theme “Data Logical thinking for all”.

Programming and maker workshop for girls
CreActive, Mjärdevi Teknikringen 7
13 October 14-16
Mjärdevi Science Park is visited by a group of girls aged 7-17 from Skäggetorpsskolan. During the evening, they get inspired by new technology, and participate in workshops in the making and the Scratch programming.

Humanoid robots
Department of Computer Science, Linköping University
October 13 kl.17-19, October 14 kl.17-19,15 October kl.17-19
Come and try to program the humanoid robots. Can you get the robot to dance?

Program robots with our World Cup medalists from Linköping University
CreActive, Mjärdevi Teknikringen 7
October 14 17:30 to 19:30
A workshop about robot programming on your own schedule! Fredrik Löfgren, winner of SVT’s Genius fight and silver medalist at the Olympics and world championships in robot programming and Sebastian Gustafsson, also silver medalist in the world championships in robot programming, will host the workshop during the evening.

DevLin 2015 by Responsive
Collegium Mjärdevi
October 15 to 16
DevLin2015 arranged in Linkoping 15-16 / 10, and is this year’s conference for anyone working with, or leading product, system and software development. The conference is organized for the fifth year in a row.

East Sweden Hack – and then what?
CreActive, Mjärdevi Teknikringen 7
October 15th
During September 4th to 6th a Hackaton was organized by East Sweden Hack in Mjärdevi Science Park, we want invite all team members to a follow-up workshop on the learning process by participating in a hackathon, and to inform about the available help through the innovation system in East Sweden for those who want to realize their idea.

Beginner Programming
Department of Computer Science, Linköping University
Date: 14/10 walk from 17.30-20
Age: Primary school and older
Come and code for the first time. We use Scratch to get started.

Art Programming
Department of Computer Science, Linköping University
Date: 12/10 17.30-19
Age: Middle school and older
Learn how to create art with the use of programming.

Investigative journalism
Department of Computer Science, Linköping University
Date: 16/10 17.30-19
Age: Middle school and older
Use programming to examine what the different parties are talking about in their parliamentary speeches.

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