Make a EU Code Week corner!

Publication date: October 10, 2016

An Code Week corner a space, inside a public library, in a school, in a public building, in the hall of a hotel, in a public place, at the entrance of a company, decorated with the logo and the colourful
bubbles of Europe Code Week 2016. A Code Week corner is a nice backdrop for making selfies, a comfortable place to meet friends, or even a venue to organise coding activities. In any case, it will contribute to raise awareness on the importance of coding literacy.




CodeWeek organizers encourage schools, libraries, public institutions, and companies to set up Code Week corners and to invite people to stop by, take a selfie and post it during EU Code Week- 15-23 October using the hashtag #CodeEU. The best selfies will be liked and forwarded by the official account of @CodeWeekEU on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Logos, Code Week bubbles, posters etc. are available here.