Microsoft Serbia celebrates EU Code Week at EDU Sinergija 16

Publication date: March 24, 2017

By Caba Veres, Serbian Code Week Ambassador

Recognizing the importance of digital transformation in education, Microsoft showcased how technology changes this important area during its EDU Sinergija 16 annual conference, on 19 October 2016.

This way Microsoft also participated in the celebration of Code Week EU 2016, which aims to make programming and digital literacy closer and available to everyone, in a fun and innovative way.



In the framework of EU Code Week, Microsoft innovative teachers, together with the teams from Microsoft and Microsoft Development Center Serbia, presented the technologies that encourage students to develop modern skills, cooperation and algorithmic problem-solving approach.



By participating in creative workshops, over 70 schoolchildren used various devices and technologies such as Lego robots, Arduino platform, Raspberry Pi and 3D printers, and worked together on
creating interesting projects, which they also presented to participants of the conference.



Jelena Ružičić and Darko Bogojević from Microsoft Serbia contributed to the success of this event and to the entire Code Week in Serbia.