NewPathways Into Creating With Code

Publication date: September 18, 2017

By Lisa O’Brien, Executive Director Scratch Foundation and Natalie Rusk, research scientist at the MIT Media Lab


Looking for ideas and resources for CodeWeek EU?

The Scratch Team at the MIT Media Lab has developed a new collection of resources for creating with code, available on the Scratch Tips page. These resources are designed to help young people see the wide range of projects they can make with Scratch.

On the Tips page, you’ll find a variety online tutorials and activity cards on interest areas such as making music, programming a dance, coding a catch game, and more.




Click on any picture to go to the step-by-step tutorial in the Scratch online editor. For each theme, you’ll also find a set of Scratch activity cards that you can print. The activity cards shows how to code a project.




The front of each activity card shows what you can do and the back of the card shows how you can do it.

You can also access Educator Guides that provide helpful suggestions for preparing and leading your own class or workshop for each of the activities. With the guides, you can help students
create projects that build on their interests and ideas.




Each educator guide shows how you can structure a class or workshop in three parts:

(1) Imagine: First, help students’ imagine ideas.

(2) Create: Give students time to create projects.

(3) Share: At the end of each session, gather students together to share and reflect.

Looking for the tutorials, cards, or guides in your local language? Help us with translation! The Scratch wiki provides information on how to translate Scratch resources.

We look forward to seeing the projects that young people create and share with the global Scratch community!