Our New Year’s resolution? Keep coding!

Publication date: January 11, 2024

As we bid farewell to the incredible year that was 2023, which saw 70,000 registered EU Code Week events, the Code Week community is gearing up for an even more thrilling journey into the world of coding in 2024. The enthusiasm and passion displayed by educators, students, and coding enthusiasts alike have truly made Code Week a global celebration of digital literacy and coding skills. As we build on the achievements of 2023, let’s resolve to start the new year with a renewed enthusiasm for coding and embrace the exciting opportunities that EU Code week will bring in 2024. 


Register your EU Code Week activity  

Firstly, to make EU Code Week 2024 bigger and better than ever, make sure to register your Code Week activity as soon as possible. Registering an activity couldn’t be easier – you simply need to add it to the EU Code Week map. Then, once you’ve registered an activity on the EU Code Week website and successfully completed your event, it’s time to take the next step—reporting your activity and receiving your well-deserved Code Week certificate. Check out our video tutorials below on How to Report your Code Week Activity and How to Get your Code Week Certificate. 


And, now that the holidays are over, why not start the New Year with some fun activities. Here are some winter coding adventures to kick-start 2024 and get your students excited about coding in the classroom. 

  1. Create a winter scene with Scratch

Furthermore, what better way to start the coding year than by embracing the winter season? Encourage kids to use Scratch to code a mesmerising winter landscape complete with animated characters, falling snow, and other winter elements. For example, spark their creativity and coding skills simultaneously! While you are at it – check out this Code Week introduction to Scratch. 

  1. Code a snowflake

Introduce kids to the wonders of symmetry by coding their own unique digital snowflakes. Utilise platforms like Tynker and Code.org to engage students in a fun and educational activity that combines coding and mathematical concepts. 

  1. Code a winter maze

Take coding to the next level by having kids design and code a winter-themed maze. Platforms like Ozobot offer interactive tools to bring their winter maze visions to life. This activity not only enhances coding skills but also fosters problem-solving and logical thinking. 

As we embark on a new year, filled with endless possibilities, we invite students, teachers, and coding enthusiasts to explore the wealth of resources, challenges, podcasts, and courses available on the EU Code Week website. These resources serve as invaluable tools to ignite enthusiasm for coding and digital literacy in classrooms and communities. Let’s make 2024 a year to remember in the world of coding – register your activities, share your achievements, and together let’s continue to inspire the next generation of digital creators!