Recognising excellence at the EU Code Week Hackathon Award Ceremony

Publication date: March 5, 2024

On Friday 8 March at 16:30 pm CET, the EU Code Week International Hackathon 2023 will reach its pinnacle with the Hackathon Award Ceremony. Bringing together the three best teams from Albania, Latvia, and Greece – this event promises to be a celebration of innovation and digital literacy. The ceremony will take place in Brussels but will also be live-streamed, ensuring that the excitement and inspiration reach a wider audience, you can watch the ceremony live here. 

Ground-breaking solutions 

Highlights from the award ceremony agenda include a panel discussion on “Learning out of the box!” featuring professionals from diverse backgrounds, offering insights into innovative teaching and learning practices. The climax of the event will be the pitches from the top three Hackathon teams representing Albania, Greece, and Latvia, highlighting their ground-breaking solutions. Attendees, both in Brussels and online, will have the unique opportunity to participate in live voting to determine the best pitch.  

The award ceremony, culminating in the presentation of certificates and awards to the winning teams, promises to be a moment of triumph for these young innovators. The day will conclude with a networking reception, fostering connections and collaboration among participants. For a detailed overview of the agenda, including session timings and additional information, you can find the full agenda here 

Join us on 8 March for an unforgettable celebration of innovation and creativity in the realm of coding and digital literacy. 

Innovation, teamwork, and digital literacy 

Hackathons are collaborative events where participants work intensively to create software projects or solve challenges. The EU Code Week Hackathons, tailored for adolescents, focus on fostering innovation, teamwork, and digital literacy. 

The central theme for 2023, “Code to problem-solve and give life to your dreams,” witnessed incredible creativity from participants. The Unyo’s Team from Albania emerged as the winner, with Latvia and Greece in second and third place. 

The EU Code Week International Hackathon Award Ceremony is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and the potential of young minds in the digital age. As we celebrate the winning teams and their remarkable solutions, we also look forward to the impact these events will have on inspiring the next generation of tech enthusiasts and problem solvers. Join us on 8 March to witness the culmination of a journey filled with creativity, dedication, and a passion for coding. 

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