Second Code Week in Pylos, Greece

Publication date: March 18, 2019

by Olga Keramida.

For the second year, we celebrated Code Week in our school. One of the main goals was to make all pupils participate in the activities (around 45 kids, aged 4-6 years old). We collaborated with teachers from Europe throughout the process.

Coding, having workshops about robotics, talking about safer internet, and more is becoming more usual in our school and most of our students show a big interest and they want to keep learning more about it.

1.I play, you play… WE PLAY TOGETHER!

How can coding be integrated in an outdoor game? (Code Week)




October: Europe Code Week 2018



3. B Sm@rt B s@fe

EU code week participation



We really enjoyed it and are looking forward to Code Week 2019!