Slovenian coding super school

Publication date: October 23, 2017

By Katja K. Osljak, Slovenian Code Week Ambassador

I would like you to meet the coding super school from Slovenia – the elementary school OŠ Simona Gregorčiča Kobarid. In the 2017 edition of Code Week this public school from a small town Kobarid hosted one coding event in each school class.


First graders from Kobarid, Slovenia are discovering what an iPad can do.


With about 300 students – which is close to 100% of all students, who were learning programming and other digital skills this October, the school from Kobarid set the Slovene Code Week record. Among many schools that were part of the Code Week and amazing coding events in Slovenia, no other managed to attract that many children to their workshops.


Third graders from Kobarid, Slovenia are proudly showing their Code Week diplomas.


Code Week can only go as far as the motivation of teachers and mentors goes, who are organizing coding events for kids and teenagers. The team of teachers from the Elementary School Kobarid was inspired by Ms Aurora Calvet, who believes that in 2017 digital skills need to be taught, right next to reading and writing.

– Dear Aurora, thanks a lot for doing it!


Students from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade are exhibiting their drawings that were created by following various algorithms.

You are welcome to see more pictures from the Slovenian Code Week events in the album.