Tech Triumphs: Winner announced in EU Code Week Hackathon Final!

Publication date: November 28, 2023

EU Code Week Hackathon Finale 2023

Last Friday marked the culmination of the EU Code Week Hackathon, and we are thrilled to share the exciting results of this innovative event. As the curtain falls on the EU Code Week Hackathon series 2023, we take a moment to ponder the extraordinary voyage that brought our teams coming from Greece, Latvia, Italy, Albania, and Ireland. The EU Code Week hackathons, served as platforms for sharing knowledge, challenge themselves and also get to know how coding is becoming important on a European level. The events were a testament to their ability to tackle real-world challenges using coding and technology.  

But, before unveiling the winner let’s take a look all the participating teams.  

  • Albania’s “Unyo” Team participated with their project: “Education system for children and young people with disabilities” 
  • Greece’s “Heart 2 Heart”  Team with and their idea “Help unanimously, give support (H.U.G.S)”; 
  • Ireland’s  Colaiste Mhuire with their Cabhrú Idea; 
  • Latvia’s project presented by team Exacto; 
  • Italy’s Eco Trip project designed by the Eco Dream Team 

The event and the Jury

Before the final, the teams had the chance to participate in two preparatory workshops the same week. The first workshop focused on familiarizing them with the diverse range of available coding tools, ensuring they were well-equipped for the technical challenges that lay ahead. The second workshop centered on honing the teams’ presentation skills, guiding them on how to effectively communicate and showcase their ideas. The Final was structured with a 5 minutes presentation of the project followed by a 5 minutes Q&A, the jury members chosen for the occasion have been: Ioannis Gaviotis (European Commission), Monika Kapráliková (Aj Ty v IT), Kristine Lazdina (Google) and Madhumalti Sharma (Workshop4Me). Despite the palpable nervousness among the participating teams, the reassuring words from the jury members provided a comforting anchor. Their encouraging message “Take your time, speak slowly, enjoy yourselves. The balance should be between presenting a good idea and having fun.” These words served as a gentle reminder that the essence of the competition lay not only in technical prowess but also in the ability to articulate and present ideas.  

Discover the projects!

While Albania’s project focused on Education for people with disabilities, creating an App to foster inclusivity ensuring effective communication for people with disabilities for the Greek’s team, the emphasis was on fighting food waste through volunteering, they created an app aiming to fill the gap between food waste and hunger, connecting restaurants with people in need.  

The Irish team’s inspiration stemmed from daily life challenges, particularly the digital divide. Their project, named Cabhru (Gaelic for “help”), involves an AI bot that addresses topics like child safety online and on apps through a Q&A format. 

The Italian team, presented an app called “Eco Trip.” The app allows users to create customizable itineraries and check the emissions produced for each travel, promoting eco-friendly exploration. Latvia’s work focused on popularizing STEM fields across Europe, creating an online content platform to publish the latest news as well as organizing workshops webinar and promoting participation. 

Who got the first place?

After extensive deliberations by the jury, which illuminated the exceptional quality of the presented ideas, the final rankings for the EU Code Week Hackathon have been unveiled. The results showcase the outstanding efforts and creativity of the participating teams. The ranking stands as follows:

First Classfied – Albania 

Second Classified – Latvia 

Third Classified – Greece 

Fourth Classified – Italy 

Fifth Classified – Ireland 

Finally, in a remarkable turn of events, it has been disclosed that the top three teams—Albania, Latvia, and Greece—will have the incredible opportunity to travel to Brussels. Indeed, this recognition not only underscores their impressive achievements but also marks the next exciting chapter in their coding journey as they embark on this unique adventure to the heart of the European Union. Congratulations to all the teams for their remarkable contributions!