The Internet foundation challenges all teachers in Sweden to be a part of Code Week

Publication date: October 3, 2018

By Måns Jonasson, responsible for the Swedish Internet Foundation’s programming lessons



The Internet Foundation in Sweden is a non-profit organization that, among other things, works to assist teachers in teaching programming and digital skills. We think that Code Week is a superb initiative and a great opportunity for teachers to work with programming in the classroom. Therefore, we are now challenging all teachers in Sweden to be a part in EU Code Week together with us!  Read more about the challenge here.

At our open learning resource Digitala lektioner (Digital Lessons), there are over 40 free programming lessons for elementary school at all stages, both beginner and more advanced levels. Many lessons use Scratch, but there are also lessons where no computer is needed to get started.

For every student who learns more about programming through any of the lessons on Digital Lessons before the end of October, we will donate 5 SEK (about 50 euro cent) to Unicef’s work to give more children the chance to attend school.

Through this teacher challenge, we hope that more people will want and dare to start programming together with their students. Code Week gives both teachers and students a chance to be a part of a larger context with a clear and important goal. And not only do they enhance their digital skills, they are also contributing to a charitable cause. It’s simply a win-win situation!