The online Maze Game

Publication date: November 10, 2022

By Marija Bogatinovska, Code Week Leading Teacher in North Macedonia  

Greetings to all coders from the 4th grade pupils at the Nikola Karev Elementary School in Probishtip, North Macedonia and from me, their teacher Marija Bogatinovska, a Code Week Leading Teacher. 

We are participating in Europe Codе Week for the seventh year in a row. Every year we participate in different activities, depending on the age of the pupils and the conditions in the school.  

We have mostly participated in unplugged activities, but this year we decided to code using an online maze game. Through this activity, the students understood how an object moves through a maze.  

In fact, it is code that move it. The pupils showed the movement of the object through the maze using arrows. They worked in pairs. One student wrote down the codes and the other used the tablet. They changed their roles at each level. In our classroom, coding is represented throughout the school year, but it is particularly emphasised during Europe Code Week.  

 We love coding activities! 

As a Leading Teacher, I promote the Europe Codе Week, and motivate and involve many teachers from my country.