The #petrikcodeweek Escape Room

Publication date: October 17, 2019

By Éva, EU Code Week teacher in Hungary

Our school is located in the capital, Budapest, we are a vocational school specialized in IT, Chemistry and Environment protection. This year our Code Week activities focus on two goals: involving non-IT students and as many girls as possible. That is why we interpreted coding in a broader sense: for us it is equal to many 21st century skills such as problem-solving, logical thinking and




During the week, one of the tasks we most worked on was making an escape room out of our school library. The main story behind the room is that our school is being attacked by a group of zombie hackers and the students have 20 minutes to solve the mysteries, find the key and open the box containing the serum that could save all of us.




The 4 tasks all focus on logical thinking outside the box. These are:

  • Hidden message on the photo of our school name-giver (written in baking soda, if sprayed with turmeric, it can be read)
  • Decoding a message with a wheel
  • Lego building- the bricks must be decoded using a Binary- ASC alphabet table
  • Answering questions using a calculator

All the answers must be numbers, and putting them in the right order gives the library identifier of the book in which the key lies.

For more info, live videos and pictures visit our school’s FB page: