Programming of an Arduino board, using the application Scratch for Arduino

Publication date: November 14, 2015

This video was recorded during the Europe Code week in October 2015. It demonstrates the programming of an Arduino board using the application Scratch for Arduino (S4A). The workshop was open all week to the students of all the classes of the 1st junior High School of Papagou. They all had the chance to familiarize with the Arduino platform and develop code.

We also demonstrated a basic 2WD robot that was avoiding obstacles and moved forward or backward depending of the input of the ultrasonic sensor. The code of the 2WD robot was presented to the students using the Arduino IDE and each step of the code was explained.

This event was organized with the kind support of Google.

Teachers involved:

Ms Georgiadou Vatti Louiza, Head Teacher

Ms Maravelia Sofia, Mr Vamvakaris Michalis, Computer Science Teachers

Mr Kalemis Georgios, Physics Teacher

Have fun with coding!