Try the new Code Week Escape Room

Publication date: October 18, 2022

By Julie Power, Code Week Ambassador Ireland  

Code Week Ireland has created an online escape room  for Code Week 2022 for everyone to enjoy. An escape room is a challenge where people in a team work together to solve puzzles and complete tasks in the shortest possible time.  The Code Week Escape room focusing on logical and computational thinking tasks and is built with as few words as possible so that it can be used all across the whole Code Week community.  

How it works? 

  • Pin your activity on the Code Week map 
  • Form teams of players 
  • Join the Escape room here.  
  • Solve the puzzle and move on to the next challenge.  
  • When all challenges are solved, you are free and can escape. 
  • Share your experience on social media and tag #CodeWeek 

No instructions are provided so everyone has to think outside the box! But we can give out one tip, that is to check out the type and number of the answers required: e.g. 5 colours, 3 shapes etc. Since the only thing that is needed to run the challenge is a browser, it’s possible to do so in person with devices or online. We suggest people work in pairs and even though no time limit has been attached, we encourage people to set up their own timers.  

This activity can be a lot of fun and will help you develop your creative skills as well! We hope you will all enjoy it!