Unleash Your Creativity: Join the EU Code Week Webinar on Open Roberta Lab

Publication date: December 1, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming EU Code Week webinar, marking the grand finale of 2023. On Monday 11 December , join us for a deep dive into the world of programming, robotics, and artificial intelligence with the Open Roberta Lab. 

Developed as an open-source project by Fraunhofer IAIS, the Open Roberta Lab is a ground-breaking programming environment that empowers users to programme microcontroller boards and robots with ease. So, whether you’re working with MicroBit, Calliope, Arduino, mbot, LEGO, JoyCar, or Edison, Open Roberta Lab is your gateway to the exciting realm of coding and robotics. 

Accessible through a user-friendly graphical interface, the Open Roberta Lab allows you to take your first steps in programming directly from your browser. What’s more, the integrated 2D simulation feature enables participants to engage in the session without the need for a physical robot. 

Webinar highlights 

In this exclusive webinar, Thorsten Leimbach, the Head of Smart Coding and Learning at Fraunhofer IAIS and leader of the Roberta initiative, will guide you through the wonders of Open Roberta Lab. Discover how simple it is to programme robots using the NEPO graphical programming language. Through “drag and drop” functionality, you can arrange programming blocks to create your first programme effortlessly. 

Furthermore, the session will showcase the versatility of Open Roberta Lab, demonstrating not only how to programme robots but also how to train them using artificial neural networks. Gain insights into training robots to navigate obstacles and unlock the potential of artificial intelligence. 

How to participate 

Moreover, don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity! Register now for the webinar and be prepared to embark on a journey into the fascinating world of coding and robotics. 

Why Open Roberta Lab? 

The Open Roberta Lab is not just a tool; it’s a platform that brings robots and boards to life. NEPO, the graphical programming language, serves as a bridge between you and your robot, ensuring seamless communication. Hence, learning to programme becomes not only child’s play but also an enjoyable experience. 

In fact, the Open Roberta Lab is part of the educational initiative “Roberta – Learning with Robots” by Fraunhofer IAIS. Additionally, since 2002, the Roberta Initiative has been at the forefront of training teachers across Germany and beyond, inspiring young minds to explore the digital world through robotics and programming. For more information, visit the Open Roberta and the Roberta Initiative websites. 

Join us on Monday 11 December, at 16.00 PM for an unforgettable experience.  

You can register here. 

Let’s code, create, and innovate together!