Unlock Excellence in Education: Apply for the EU Code Week School Label 2024

Publication date: February 7, 2024

Are you passionate about fostering digital skills and computational thinking in your school? If you are, then read on! EU Code Week invites schools and pre-schools in participating countries to apply for the prestigious School Label 2024, a recognition that celebrates schools dedicated to promoting coding and computational thinking within their curricula. 

School Label 2024: Key Information 

Applications for the EU Code Week School Label 2024 are open until March 15, 2024, for schools and pre-schools in EU Code Week participating countries. To be eligible, schools must have actively participated in EU Code Week in the past and demonstrate a commitment to integrating coding and computational thinking into their curriculum. The School Label is a testament to a school’s enduring dedication to Code Week and its local impact. 

EU Code Week Schools 

Furthermore, awarded schools will become recognised as EU Code Week Schools. But, what exactly is a EU Code Week school? A EU Code Week School is one that has previously contributed to Code Week with high-quality activities. The school should have a plan in place to integrate computational thinking into the school curriculum. For example by organising Code Week activities, training teachers, and by raising awareness of the importance of teaching coding. With the School Label initiative, EU Code Week seeks to award those schools that have an enduring commitment to EU Code Week and are ready to support the local development of the movement.  

Application criteria 

In brief, to be considered for the School Label, schools need to meet the following criteria: 

  • Pedagogical staff involvement: Have at least 5% of the school’s pedagogical staff actively contributing to EU Code Week activities. 
  • Previous Code Week activities: Organise a minimum of five high-quality EU Code Week activities in the last two years. 
  • School leader approval: Obtain the approval of the school head or principal. 
  • Long-term commitment: Commit to being actively involved in EU Code Week for the next two years. 

Interested schools can submit their applications through the official form. 

From pilot to widespread implementation 

Finally, the School Label initiative was successfully piloted in six countries in 2022- France, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovenia, and Spain. Following a positive outcome, the School Label is now open to all EU Code Week participating countries, amplifying the opportunity for schools across Europe to showcase their commitment to digital literacy. In the initial phase of the project, over 70 schools in the pilot countries were awarded the EU Code Week School Label, valid for two school years. Schools which have previously received the award can apply for its renewal through the same form. 

If you belong to a school in a EU Code Week participating country, seize this opportunity to be recognised as a EU Code Week School and apply now for a School Label.