Unplugged Coding – Logical Puzzle

Publication date: October 28, 2019

By Maria, Code Week teacher in Italy

In the nursery school of the Margherita Institute of Bari, children aged 4 and 5 trained their computational thinking with unplugged activities, meaning without using electronic devices. One of the activities carried out was based on logical puzzles of simple realization.

Various shapes of different colours have been painted on posters and distributed on various lines. These puzzle-posters can be thought of with gradual difficulty, depending on the number of shapes and colours depicted on the poster. It is important to pay attention that the same combination of shapes doesn’t appear so that the child is not disoriented… the unambiguity of an algorithm!




After drawing or fixing the shapes, it is time to cut out some tiles, small rectangles, which capture a part of a shape on the left and a part of a shape on the right or even a part of the shape above and a part of the shape below or still transversely … have fun!




We presented the puzzle-poster without the cut pieces. The children had fun and at the same time trained their logic because, before placing the piece that was delivered, they had to reflect on the present forms and/or their colours, on how they were arranged to be able to place it correctly on the poster: observation, reasoning, action!




The realization of the puzzle-posters does not require much material but a time to cut out the dowels.

Prepare many, the children will be happy !!!