Volvo Trucks invites #CodeEU to a connected transport hackathon 17-18 February 2017

Publication date: December 5, 2016

Connectivity is the new buzz word, so how about creating real connected solutions? Working with real and never before available truck data? And by doing so, helping to create a real solution for transport issues? If these words inspire you, join our 1stVolvo Trucks Hackathon Challenge on 17 to 18 February, hosted by Start It @ KBC, in ‘De Boerentoren’ in Antwerp, Belgium.




The purpose of the hackathon is to build a proof of concept based on our trucks data, which will help transporters to better understand the costs of certain routes. Developing such a tool could be done by focusing on safety, better mobility, fuel consumption, road toll and last mile delivery.

During the 32 hour hackathon we will offer participants access to our real time Volvo Trucks Rental fleet data, through our Dynafleet Application Programming Interface (API). All positions,  driving and resting times, fuel consumption data for the whole fleet will be available for you to develop a real connected proof of concept. Sending messages to the vehicles will be possible as well.



Data sent from the truck via a mobile network to servers in Sweden, where vehicle data is retrieved.


Innovation and creativity is the key word in the challenge. To build a good and complete solution, trucks data is not enough, so you could enrich it by using data from other providers like Google
Maps, Here Maps, Open data from Belgian cities…



Volvo’s current telematics solution – Dynafleet 


All participants will remain owners of their ideas and the winner will get Volvo Truck’s support for further development. That includes incubation of the project at Start It @ KBC and Volvo Truck’s support in form of lobbying, finding money, sharing experiences, delivering expert contacts in Sweden as well as helping setting up pilot projects at our customers. Furthermore, the winner will win a two-day trip to Volvo Trucks HQ in Gothenburg, Sweden – an experience you will never forget.

So boost your career, enjoy a wonderful experience and show your coding skills to an international jury! To take part please register here by 10 February 2017.

By Pieter De bruyn, Product Support Engineer, Volvo Trucks Belux.

More info also available on EU Code Week’s even site.