What happened when we announced Europe Code Week 2015?

Publication date: August 3, 2015



There was a girl walking close to the outdoor stage where Alessandro Bogliolo was about to announce CodeWeek. She was listening music in her headphones. As she got to a cafe very close to the outdoor stage she connected her smartphone to a small speaker and her music started to be heard by people around.

Two kids were playing with a tablet nearby and they started listening to the music while the presentation started. As the two kids heard Alessandro’s voice, they decided that the music was much better and they stood by the mixer, disconnected the mic, and connected the girls smartphone instead, so that the music replaced the presenter.

As Alessandro realized what the kids had done, he looked at them but they stared back defiantly. They took their tablet and started putting together some code that made Alessandro and all of the audience danced a robot dance.
Strange colourful bubbles were everywhere…