Code Week School Label in the Netherlands

Publication date: October 25, 2022

By Ramon Moorlag, Code Week Ambassador in the Netherlands 

Friday October 7th was all about the Code Week School Label. Code Week is a grassroots movement supported by the European Commission and aims to promote and emphasise the importance of digital literacy, coding, and computational thinking. Since it began in 2013, the number of Code Week participants has increased from year to year.  

Last Friday, Code Week´s first anniversary was celebrated in Den Bosch (The Netherlands). As part of this celebration, the schools Koninklijke Visio, Lyceum Kralingen and ds. Pierson College received the Code Week School Label. 

Remco Pijpers, strategic advisor for digital literacy at Kennisnet, Zoetermeer, and Eugenia Casariego Artola from the central Code Week Team Brussels, emphasised that it’s the teachers who make all the difference. Our school believes that digital literacy is of great societal importance. The i&i trade union and Code Week have committed themselves to getting more IT and digital literacy teachers into the classroom.  

More on the Code Week School label  

The Code Week School Label is awarded to outstanding schools participating in Code Week in the following pilot countries: France, Greece, Italy, Holland, Slovenia and Spain. In previous years, a Code Week School has contributed to Code Week  by organising high-quality activities. To earn a Code Week School Label, a school should have a plan in place to integrate computational thinking into the school curriculum, by organising Code Week activities, training teachers, and by raising awareness of the importance of teaching coding and computational thinking. The Code Week School Label serves both to recognise those schools which have had an enduring commitment to Code Week and which are ready to support the development of the movement at the local level.   

In 2022, we only accepted applications from schools based in the pilot countries.  In 2023, when we have evaluated the pilot project, we may expand the initiative to other countries.  

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