EU Code Week “Experts Go Back-to-School” Campaign

Publication date: April 12, 2024

Are you ready for the next EU Code Week activity aiming to inspire you and your students?  If yes, below you will find all the necessary information of how to implement “Experts Go Back-to-School” activity in your classroom! Students in every age group can highly benefit from this new EU Code Week Campaign, let’s find out why and how! 

The EU Code Week “Experts Go Back-to-school” Campaign is a campaign that encourages schoolteachers to organise career talks and collaborative activities with professionals working in tech industry and with digital technology in schools or online, in English or in local languages. The professionals can be developers, technicians, scientists, engineers, researchers, but also entrepreneurs, digital creators, artists, game designers, employment and recruiting managers, etc. You can also ask a parent or someone from your local community to talk about their career with your students or organise an activity for them.

Why should you consider taking part in EU Code Week “Experts Go Back-to-School” Campaign? 

EU Code Week promotes the development of computational thinking and coding among students starting at pre-primary level schools. Role models in tech fields are pivotal for inspiring students to pursue careers in technology.   

Ultimately, the aim of these international and local initiatives, is to provide students the unique opportunity to directly interact with experts, ask them any questions and learn about their life and career paths. These interactions are intended to be educational and inspirational for the students, who would challenge their preconceptions about digital studies and careers, as well as meaningful and rewarding for the professionals sharing their experiences and insight.  

How can you participate in the EU Code Week “Experts Go Back-to-School” Campaign? 

To participate in the “Experts Go Back-to-school” 2024 Campaign, teachers need to complete the following steps by Friday 7 June 2024 

  1. Organise a collaborative activity or career talk: You have to identify a tech professional and invite them to the school for a collaborative activity or a career talk. Furthermore, the activity can also be organised online. It can also be outside of school at the professional’s workplace (e.g., a lab or office space) 
  2. Post the activity in the activity map: Once organised, the activity or career talk should be registered in the EU Code Week map, following the usual process.  
  3. Use the tag #expertsgobacktoschool2024: Following the usual process of uploading an activity in the EU Code Week Map, you should use a tag. Please use the tag #expertsgobacktoschool2023.

Need some inspiration?

EU Code Week team run 2 pilot phases of the Campaign during 2023 and EU Code Week Leading Teachers had the opportunity to take part in.

You can find 2 inspirational stories below: 

The 3 most creative Expert Go Back to School activities will be published in the EU Code Week Blog.