Humans of Code Week – Anita Čorak, Leading Teacher Croatia

Publication date: August 31, 2022

By Anita Čorak, Leading Teacher Croatia

What do you like most about Code Week?

The best thing about Code Week is that our activities are fun! Children of different ages participate in Code Week and have a good time. Also, using the platform, teachers around the world are collaborating and sharing their knowledge. This is what makes Code Week special makes that I love using it at my school.

What are the top three reasons why everyone / kids should learn how to code?

Learning how to code brings some clear benefits, for me the most important ones are the following: Students develop problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking skills. Also, knowledge of programming languages, even the basic ones, is important to understand the digital world.

Which project/activity related to Code Week are you most proud of, and why?

In our school we organized a scientific-history camp called “hiSTEMory”. One of the workshops was CODE & DANCE, over a hundred students learned choreography during this activity. This was all done with the help of code written for the song “Clap your hand”. This was the perfect example on how to learn coding and at the same time have fun.