Humans of Code Week – Eleni Kokkinou, Leading Teacher Greece

Publication date: June 27, 2022

By Eleni Kokkinou, Leading Teacher Greece

What sparked your interest in coding / Code Week?

The people in Code Week are the most inspiring part of the Code Week. The people I met during the meetings are very supportive, kind, and willing to help. They are really enjoying their work and their enthusiasm overwhelms you. You feel like you contribute to something important and this also raises your creativity and makes you think that you are part of a big celebration.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to learn / teach coding?

I truly believe that everyone can learn how to code. If you would like to learn coding, place goals that are easy to accomplish. This will give you confidence to continue. Pick up a block programming language such as Scratch or Microbit and follow the demos. You start with something that other people have built and then you move on as soon as you realise the basics.

What are the top three reasons why everyone / kids should learn how to code?

 When kids are learning to code it is like learning to face everyday life in their future as adults. They learn how to analyse a problem, divide it into smaller ones and then compose the solutions of the smaller problems to face the initial problem.  Additionally, this procedure increases their ability for critical thinking and problem solving but at the same time they have fun and the chance to cooperate with their classmates.