Humans of Code Week – Lisa Cavinato, Leading Teacher Italy

Publication date: August 5, 2022

By Lisa Cavinato, Leading Teacher Italy

What sparked your interest in coding / Code Week?

In 2015 when I was looking for a way to innovate teaching, while I was breastfeeding my baby, I decided to start the course of professor Alessandro Bogliolo. This course opened up a new world for me! From then on, Codeweek stayed in my life.

What challenges have you encountered in your role as Leading teacher and how did you overcome them?

The road to teach coding is always uphill. The biggest challenge is to overcome mistrust and create collaborations. To do so, we work in small steps and this is why I called our creative Atelier “COnDIvideNdo Gesti e piccoli passi” (which means “Sharing gestures and small steps” in English) in 2017. Currently, we are progressing with this atelier.

Which project/activity related to Code Week are you most proud of, and why?

Those related to the e-twinning project “Imagine the code”, an amazing project that involved teachers from many European countries. This was pure collaboration, we have exchanged many good habits and all improved as teachers.